Airplane Watching and Recognition

- Identification guide -


Jet - two engines

High wing

Low wing

  • Tail engines
    • no winglets, medium sized plane

Other look-alikes : Tupolev TU-134, Gulfstream II

    • with winglets, medium sized plane

        Other look-alike : Gulfstream III, Antonov AN-334

  • Engines under wings
    • no winglets, medium sized plane
  • Airbus A320-100
    (this type of plane is not widespread. Air France flies some in Europe)
      • engine silhouette
        • slim cigar-like engine :737-200
        • large engine non circular air intake 737-300/400/500
        • large engine circular air intake 737-600/700/800
    • upward winglets, medium sized plane
  • no winglets, jumbo sized plane
  • upward winglets, jumbo sized plane
  • double winglets, jumbo sized plane
    • each main landing gear with 4 tires
    • each main landing gear with 2 tires
      • Airbus A319 (one emergency door over wing)
        (note: a few aircrafts exist with two doors over the wings like those of Easyjet)

        Look-alikes : Boeing 737 séries 500/600/700

      • Airbus A320 (two emergency doors over wing)
      • Airbus A321 (emergency door forward of wing)
          • Look-alikes : Boeing 737 série 800

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B 737

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