Airplane Watching and Recognition

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Looking for a plane you have just seen but do not know the name?

The identification guide below may be helpful, at least I hope so, in finding that plane amongst those on this site.

Click on the drawings to go in the guide.

Jet engine B 737 Prop or turboprop engine
Had time to take down its registration number?

To find an aircraft type using this information :
Airplanes from Canada (C-F... ou C-G...)
or Inquiry search historical (goes back to the year 1982)

Airplanes from the USA (N.......)

Airplanes from France (F....)

Airplanes from different countries (go to the bottom of the page in Aviation's Directory, choose Databases dans Search/Ref. on the next page, in Registrations click World
or go directly to$pass*41401752!

or try

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