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Embraer ERJ 145, Continental Express, N12946

Embraer is certainly a fierce competitor to Bombardier for regional jets of 100 seats or less.

Here are side by side a Bombardier Regional Jet and an Embraer ERJ145, both 50 seats planes.

The Bombardier Regional Jet is also known as the CRJ. The "C" stands for Canadair, the former company bought by Bombardier.

As your cursor rolls over these two pictures note the highlighted features to help you recognize one from the other as they fly by.

All pictures on this page are actice. Click to download an enlarged version (~250 Meg)

Also visit the Continental Ailines web site (click on "fleet" and then on ERJ 145)

Note that there are now some ERJ 145 without winglets as illustrated on this page and some with winglets

The passengers cabin in Regional Jet de Bombardier is significantly larger than the Embraer one. In the Bombardier CRJ, four seats can be placed abreast, two by two on each side of the aisle. In the ERJ two seats are on one side and only one on the other.
Embraer ERJ 145, Continental Express, N12946
Like the Bombardier CRJ, the Embraer ERJ is designed to replace aging fleets like these DC-9 now retired and being dismantled.
Embraer ERJ 145, Continental Express, N12946 Embraer ERJ 145, Continental Express, N12946
Embraer ERJ 145, Continental Express, N12946 Empresa Brasiliera de Aeronautica SA began operating in 1970. The privetisation of the company was completed in 1994. The 37 seats ERJ135 first flew in July 1998 the 145, a 50 seater, in August 1995.

The Brazil government Proex subsidy program has been under scrutiny of international trade courts as Canada sees it as a unfair to Bombardier Regional Jets sales efforts.

Embraer ERJ 135, American Eagle, N708AE
This ERJ 145LR and the ERJ 135LR series of pictures furent prisent au Québec Air Show Juen 9th 2001.
Embraer ERJ 145, Continental Express, N16961
This ERJ-135 is approaching Jean-Lesage International Airport with announced flaps problems.
Embraer ERJ 135, American Eagle, N708AE Embraer ERJ 135, American Eagle, N708AE
Thrust reversers on.
Embraer ERJ 135, American Eagle, N708AE Embraer ERJ 135, American Eagle, N708AE
Embraer ERJ 135, American Eagle, N708AE Firefighters trucks were waiting for the plane. They raced towards the plane as it passed by them. After the plane turned around, they accompanied it back to the terminal.

This is something no aircraft builder want to happen during an Airshow with thousands of bystanders... (Specially in Bombardier country...)

To pratice recogntion of other tail mounted twin jets, click here

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