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Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026

Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026

Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026 Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026
While exiting Zhengzhou going to Luoyang (Henan Province, People's Republic of China) in August 2001, I suddenly saw a familiar silhouette by the roadside. Yet we were not near the airport (CGO), at least it didn't look like an airport! What was this Ilyoushin Il-62 fuselage doing there?

Our guide told us it was put there by an entrepreneur wishing to transform it into a restaurant. I do not know if the project is abandonned or under way

Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026
However, an information received relayed by Alexandre Avrane from Colin Ballantine who is the recognized expert on Chinese aviation matter states that this aircraft is like a coordination office and is not a road side restaurant. (Got more info on this matter?)
Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026 Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026
I asked a friend to translate the inscriptions on the fuselage side.

Zhong Guo Min Hang : Chineese People's Plane

He Nan Hang : Henan Plane

Kong Shi Pin You Xian Gong Si : Food Company Limited

According to Colin Ballantine, CAAC is on both sides of the fuselage followed by HUBEI Aviation Catering Company.

Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026
Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026
The CAAC logo near the cockpit is reminescent of a very similar logo seen years ago on Soviet Aeroflot planes. This lookalike logo dates probably from the communist era in China.

I found other informations on the web site http://aerotransport.nexenservices.com/ You will find interiesting info. For this plane, click on "fleets, "China" and then "CAAC"). Before being retired, it flew for the CAAC/Civil Aviation Administration of China . This company was divided in 1975 into various companies.

Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026 Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026
The engines were taken out, but the tail wheel is still in place and, like any other Il-62 in service, it must be quite useful to prevent the fuselage tail hiting the ground.
Ilyushin Il-62, B-2026
If this plane interests you, you can see an other Il-62 on this site.

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