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Snowbirds (part 3)

Snowbirds Mont-Laurier May 20th 2001

CF-18B "Hornet" & CT-114 "Tutor" CF-18B "Hornet" & CT-114 "Tutor"
CF-18B "Hornet" & CT-114 "Tutor"
The Snowbirds prepared us a little surprise : a fly-by in formation with a CF-18B!

Coming in our back and flying low, the mountains hid them perfectly. Arrival was impressive.

Aerobatic teams have shared the show with other planes (see the"Golden Centenaires") and they did fly with a CF-18 in the past but it does seem to be frequent. The CF-18B really looks like a bird of prey near the Tutors.

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CF-18B "Hornet" & CT-114 "Tutor" CF-18B "Hornet" & CT114 "Tutor"
CF-18B "Hornet" & CT-114 "Tutor"
This CF-18B in formation with three Snowbirds pleased the crowd.

The CF-18 pilot had to go to Ottawa to get his plane. He flew there in a Pilatus as the Mont-Laurier runway is too short to have a CF-18 landing or taking off.

The CF-18B distinguishes itself from the CF-18A being a two seater.

CF-18B "Hornet" & CT-114 "Tutor"

This plane is equipped with a tail hook to land on aircraft carriers.

The wings of the CF-18B can be folded at their extremities.

CF-18B "Hornet" CF-18B "Hornet"
CF-18B "Hornet"
Let's see the Snowbirds in action!

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