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CF-101 Voodoo Golden CentennairesCF-104 Starfighter

Golden Centennaires

"Prior to the turmoil of armed forces integration in 1968 which marked the end of th RCAF [Royal Canadian Air Force], the Famous Golden Centennaires flew for one season in celebration of Canada's 1967 centennial year with eight Tutors, performing formation and solo aerobatics. The Centennaires, for the first and only time in the history of air demonstration teams, included a unique display of Canadian military aviation ranging from gentle vintage biplanes such as the Avro 504K, to the thunder and fury of the front-line fighters of the day, the CF-101 and CF-104. Canadians who witnessed their Air Force's formation teams in action will never forget the spectacle."

Text from
A National Symbol in Canada's Air Force - Past, Present & Future , WINGS, Canada's National Magazine, Special Souvenir Edition, 1999, page 66.

Pictures of the "Golden Centennaires" shown on this page were taken from Habitat 67 on October 29th 1967, during the closing ceremonies of a fabulous season. The spectacle amazed the crowds as Expo 67 did. Unfortunenately, the weather wasn't so great that day but it didn't rain..

Avro 504K
The show began in a peaceful mood with an Avro 504K flying near the site of Expo 67.
CF-101 Voodoo & CF-104 Starfighter
When it flew away, we did not know where to look for a few moments. Then, in a thunderous fly-by, a Voodoo closely followed by a Starfighter began a slow left turn, rolling on their back.
The show had picked up momentum!
CF-101 Voodoo & CF-104 Starfighter
CF-101 Voodoo CF-101 Voodoo
The Voodo gave us many occasions to observe it's maneuverability.
Canadair CT-133 "Red Knight"
A Canadair CT-133 nicknamed "Red Knight" (T-33) was also part of this colorful show with solo aerobatic display.
Canadair CT-133 "Red Knight"
Canadair CT-133 "Red Knight" Canadair CT-133 "Red Knight"
Canadair CT-133 "Red Knight"
Golden Centennaires
Here is my only picture showing why they were called the "Golden Centennaires"
Left, two Tutors near the Katimavik pyramid of the Canada pavilion.
Below, two Golden Centennaires above one of the theme pavilion.
Golden Centennaires
Golden Centennaires
Golden Centennaires
The one-on-one encounters always bring OOOOHs and AAAAAHs!
Golden Centennaires Golden Centennaires
Seeing the Golden Cenbtennaires with lights on, I realized the Snowbirds front light is not located at the same place.
The front light on the Snowbirds is in the nose not on each wing.

Golden Centennaires

Above : "Centennaires" over the Great Britain pavilion.

Some information of the text found in
A National Symbol in Canada's Air Force - Past, Present & Future , WINGS, Canada's National Magazine, Special Souvenir Edition, 1999.

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