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Dash-8 Air Nova + Air Ontario
We suggested that you try to find a same type of plane in different airline fleets.
Here are other Dash-8s

Three are model "102", basic version for 37 to 39 passengers. Models from the 300 serie like this 311 beraing Hydro-Québec markings can take 50 to 56 passengers.

Hydro-Quebec Dash-8 C-GJNL DHC-8-311 Air Inuit Dash-8 C-FDAO DHC-8-102
These 4 pictures are available in enlarged version (~ 250 Kb).
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Air Creebec Dash-8 C-FCSK DHC-8-102
airNova Dash-8 C-FJFM DHC-8-102

Sometimes, you will get a look far from ideal, due to bad weather conditions... and you won't get another chance to add that Airline to you spotter's list. (see below).

Dash-8 AirBC

Dash-8 - AirBC

Dash-8 Canadi>n Regional

Dash-8 Canadi>n Regional

Dash-8 AirBC

Dash-8 Canadi>n Regional

AirBC Dash-8 on final approach and a Canadi>n Regional Dash-8 waiting for tower permission to roll on runway for take-off. Calgary, January 12th 2000.

Dash-8 AirBC & Canadi>n Regional

Air Canada has announced on Thursday January the 20th 2000 its intention to merge its three regional carriers.
   airBC airOntario airNova
 Service  Western Canada  Ontario  Québec + Maritimes
Employees  900 887 1 100
Planes 20 27 35
Links 33 22 29
 Revenus 1999 (est.) 207 000 000$ 338 000 000$ 335 000 000$ 
Head Office Richmond, C.-B./B.C.  London, Ont.   Halifax, N.-É./N.S.
airNova and airAlliance have already merged. The merger between Air Canada and Canadi>n at the end of 1999 may cause Canadi>n Regional to merge with the above mentionned companies also.

Text : Jean-Pierre Bonin © 1999-2000
Except the last table with data taken from :
Air Canada veut plus de vols au Québec, in La Presse, C1, Montréal, vendredi 21 janvier 2000
Pictures on this page : Jean-Pierre Bonin & Pierre-0livier Bonin
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You remember a few characteristics of the plane but can't remember the name?
Try this visual guide. I hope it will help you.

Click on the drawings to go to the visual identification guide.

B 737

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