Le Pelican de Luc Couillard et Christian Godin

Building a Pelican (January 6th 2001, part 2)

January 20th 2001

Week 29 of our follow-up of the building of a Pelican Sport from Ultravia Aero International Inc.

Here's the only thing they hope they bought never to use : the emergency emitter.Balise d'urgence

Also called ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter).It activates à un choc violent et émet sur fréquence 121,5 Mhz un signal qui peut être capté par tout avion dans les parages.

The instrument above is a combo GPS-Com. The radio portion to communicate with the control tower. The GPS is equipped with a moving map.
Mode C Transponder

A mode C transponder.


An operating manual Christian promised himself to read that very same night...

Ajusting instruments support plate Ajusting instruments support plate
Most instruments will have to find a place in the instrument panel. Luc et Christian recieve help from Jean-Luc Arsenault in ajusting and drilling the support plates.
Ajusting instruments support plate
Ajusting instruments support plate

The building of a Pelican Sport continues
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Construction d'un Pélican (20 janvier 2001, suite) (cliquer ici pour la version française)

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