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Snowbirds Mont-Laurier May 20th 2001

The Snowbirds were formed in 1971.

"An amazing aspect of the Snowbirds is the compactness of the unit: the are only 24 personnel in 413 Squadron! There are 11 pilots and 10 ground personnel, a single logistics officer, one supply technician and one secretary, who provide administrative support from Moose Jaw and whatever assistance required to keep the team on its tight North American schedule. What is also unusual is that no support aircraft accompanies the team - all spare parts, tools and technical support gear, plus any personnal luggage, is carried aboard aboard in the small cubbyholes scattered throughout the airframe".

Text from :
Canada's elite: The Snowbirds, 29 years of "wowing the crowds" in Canada's Air Force - Past, Present & Future , WINGS, Canada's National Magazine, Special Souvenir Edition, 1999.

Vacationing near Mont-Laurier on the weekend of May 18th to 20th 2001, we stopped by the tourist information booth, to see if any thing special was going on. After the usual actity list (we have knowned the surrounding for nearly 30 years...) the guide tells us "There are also the Snowbirds"...

Please wake me up! The Snowbirds in Mont-Laurier! Our country home is not far. A bit of exploratiuon on Friday afternoon and we discover a rather small airport with a good number of small planes already here and the Snowbirds team with their planes... we can almost touch. Cool "ambiance", family-like welcome and permission to go see the planes before the show which is only tomorrow. I really must be dreaming...

CT-114 Tutor & Aerospatiale Magister
I will have other occasions to take pictures of the Tutors but the Aérospatiale "Magister" definitely impresses me. I never saw this type of plane before.
Aérofête Mont-Laurier

So we buy tickets!

Even my wife will come with me (a first!)

Aérofête Mont-Laurier
She will also take quite a few pictures that can be seen on this page and the following. Thanks Hélène!
The air strip does not permit the whole team to take-off together. It's OK they wil regroup not far from here and preform various formation like this perfect line above the airport.
Snowbirds Mont-Laurier May 20th 2001 Snowbirds Mont-Laurier May 20th 2001
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Let's go see this up close...

Some information of the text found in
Canada's elite: The Snowbirds, 29 years of "wowing the crowds" in Canada's Air Force - Past, Present & Future , WINGS, Canada's National Magazine, Special Souvenir Edition, 1999.

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