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Robinson R44

Robinson R44 Koptair IGA Quintal
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Saturday morning, 9:30.
Lots of kids and almost equal number of parents wait impatiently in the neighborhood shopping center parking.

Santas Claus is coming in an helicopter... Ideal alibi to go take pictures of the Koptair R44 "Raven"!

Robinson R44 Koptair
There is indeed a fat man with white beard and gloves waving to the kids!
Robinson R44 Koptair
Robinson R44 Koptair Robinson R44 Koptair
Hey Santa! Your coming out on the wrong side! The landing area is well indicated and garded, but with numerous small kids all around, the helicopter will stay just a few moments on the ground... leaving to go and get Santa Claus which is due to land near the other Quintal supermarket in half an hour. Santa Claus has a twin brother?
Robinson R44 Koptair Robinson R44 Koptair
Back to the base...

I almost forgot... this web site is not about Santa Claus but supposed to help recognize planes and others. Noticed the R44 specific silhouette R44?

Egg shaped habitacle with flat rear end. But the most evident characteristic of Robinson helicopters to my mind (smaller R22 and R44) is the casing of the drive shaft. The drive shaft is quite long and permits approaching the craft without bending (although almost everyone I have seen near the fuselage have a tendency to bend forward).

As your cursor rolls over this picture note the highlighted features to help you recognize the R44 Raven.
IGA Quintal
Santa Claus helicopter arrival is a publicity stunt. So why do I fall for it? Probably because the owner of the Marché des Oiseaux Supermarket, Mister Quintal is active in the community since his arrival, funding social activities and others. And it my small way to say thanks!

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