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TransCanada Airlines - Air Canada

TCA sticker
Trans Canada Air Lines was created in 1937.
TCA DC-8 sticker

In the mid 60's, Trans Canada became Air Canada. The graphics painted on the fins showed a white stylized maple leaf in a white circle on a red background.

TCA Ticket
Air Canada Ticket
Vickers Viscount CF-TIG fin 642 TCA, sept 1965, Dorval

The Viscount first came into service in 1954.

Vickers Viscount Air Canada CF-TIE fin649, sept 1968, Dorval

The old Trans-Canada Air Lines Viscount on the left illustrates the "traditionnal" graphics used by most airlines in the 60's. The fin on the right illustrates the '80s colorful graphics. (One must admit that in the early 2000, we see numerous "clinical white" planes from one company to another. This must reduce paint jobs as carriers lease their planes to one another from season to season...)

A new logo was introduced in 1993 with a more realistic red sugar maple leaf on a (very) dark green background.
Logo 1993 Air Canada
The stylized maple leaf in a circle was kept forward of the name on the fuselage but red on white background.

Airbus A340-500 (Camsim)
This modern plane (Airbus A340-500) with Trans-Canada Air Lines colors is a creation of Camil Valiquette. He is known worldwide for his numerous airplane models for FS98 on Windows 95. You can read the english translation of an article from Montreal's La Presse newspaper on Camil Valiquette in this web site.

Flight Simulator fans can go to Camsim web site at

This image was reproduced with kind permission from Camil Valiquette

Air Canada Pavillion, Expo 67, Montréal, 1967

Air Canada has had a diversifed fleet through the years.

In 1967, during EXPO 67, some were caught dreaming a bit...

Boeing SST, Air Canada, Pavillon Air Canada, Expo 67, Montréal, 1967
Concorde, Air Canada, Pavillon Air Canada, Expo 67, Montréal, 1967

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Photos : Trans Canada Air Lines Viscount & Norhteast DC-6 - Dorval, Sept. 1965

Some information of the text found in :
Air Canada, le pionnier du Nord in Toute l'Aviation. La grande aventure technologique des avions civils et militaires, Éditions Atlas, 1992.

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