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Super ConstellationSuper ConstellationSuper ConstellationSuper Constellation

Super Constellation
The Lockheed Super Constellation was one if not the most elegant airliner.

It's triple fin tail assembly and the tapered fuselage gave it it's caracteristic silhouette.

In the forefront, detail of a Air Canada Vickers Viscount.
Sept 1968, Dorval

Pictures shown here lack in quality what they reminisce, the're the witness, thirthy years later, of the privilege I had seeing this plane in regular service and of the pleasure I experienced seeing it fly. No wonder enthousiasts are still trying to keep a Connie operational.

This picture is available in 1024x768 format on Airliners.net
Super Constellation Constellation
This picture is available in 1024x768 format on Airliners.net
The picture on the left shows a Super Constellation equipped with wing-tip reservoirs (a L-1049H) giving the plane significantly longer range. Behind, the tail of an Ilyushin Il-62, a plane resembling the Vickers Super VC-10.

The picture on the right shows a World Samplers Travel Club Constellation going to the tarmac.

to see another picture of this plane on Airliners.net :

Traffic in Dorval!

DC-9 Air Canada, Super Constellation Nordair

Super Constellation
Super Constellation
Ci-dessus, un L-1049H Super-Constellation.
Constellation C-121A or VC-121A In spite of poor quality pictures the plane shown below during multiple landing is probably an ex-military Constellation C-121A or VC-121A (due to the number and position of windows). (According to a picture in PACE, S., Lockheed's Constellation, Enthousiast Color Series, Motorbooks International, 1998, page 58)
Constellation C-121A orVC-121A
Constellation C-121A or VC-121A Constellation C-121A ou VC-121A

Constellation C-121A or VC-121A

Constellation C-121A or VC-121A

Super Constellations
This picture in enlarged format is also available on Airliners.net


Super Constellation L-1049H From the end of the 40's to the beginning of the 60's DC-6, DC-7, Constellations and super-Constellations ruled the skies. These were detroned by the first jet planes.
Super Constellation L-1049H
FH-227, Super Constellation L-1049H, Dc-8, VC-10G Super Constellation L-1049H
Picture on the left is available in format 1024x768 on Airliners.net

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Photos C-121A or VC-121A Constellation - Dorval, Canada, May 1973
Nordair, Constallions face aux hangards/facing hangards - Dorval September 1965

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