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The Douglas DC-3 need no introduction. This classic transport airliner has first flown in 1935 and nearly 13 000 have been built. It was named Dakota or Skytrain, a real workhorse capable of tasks done in tough conditions. Some planes still fly today. The pictures shown here were taken at Dorval International Airport in the mid-60's. DC-3 Nordair CF-WCC
C-46 Nordair
The Curtiss C-46 Commando can be easely mistaken for the DC-3 if your not attentive to some details like the rounded nose and tail. Like the DC-3, some Commandos were still flying at be beginning of the 90's and some may still be flying at the present time.

This picture is available in 1024x768 format on Airliners.net

Here are a few DC-3s

DC-3 DOT Canada & DC-3 Nordair
DC-3 dc-3 CF-TGB sept68
DC-3 Nordair & DC-8 Air Canada
DC-3 Nordair CF-HTH
This picture is available in 1024x768 format on Airliners.net

 And here is a Commando

 Boeing 737-200 CPAir & C-46 Quebecair

This picture is available in 1024x768 format on Airliners.net

 Curtiss C-46 Quebecair

This paintless Quebecair Commando is in sharp contrast with the memorable colors of CPAir

 Lockheed L-1049 Super-Constellation [Nordair] & Douglas DC-3 [Nordair]

Seen in these pictures, in the usual order : two Lockheed L-1049 Super-Constellation [Nordair], a Douglas DC-3 [Nordair]). (Click on each individual plane for an enlarged view)

The whole picture is availibale in blown up format on Airliners.net

DC-3s are now maily seen in museums even if some still fly.

This one is stored in St-Hubert (CYHU) waiting to be put on display in the Quebec Air and Space Museum

Enlarged version of this picture is available on Airliners.net

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Photos : DC-3 in flight (red wing tips) - Dorval,January 1974
DOT DC-3 - Dorval, September 1965
Nordair DC-3 & Commando facing hangards - Dorval, September 1965

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