Le Pelican de Luc Couillard et Christian Godin

Building a Pelican (May 5th 2001, part 1)

May 5th 2001

Week 44 of our follow-up of the building of a Pelican Sport from Ultravia Aero International Inc.

Left wing tip
The wing tip is in place... on a wing that looks also in its place...

(for more info on rules for position and strob lights : http://www.wicksaircraft.com/showPage.phtml?pagenum=213)

Christian Godin Christian Godin
Christian makes final adjustments on the wing's fixation points.
Réjean Castonguay & Luc Couillard
Jean-Luc Arsenault, Réjean Castonguay & Luc Couillard Luc Couillard & Réjean Castonguay
Nice synchro they have a visitor.
Réjean Castonguay came from New-Brunswick to see their plane.
He is considering buying a Pelican.
He has seen a few other planes but when you consider how many take the air...
the Pelican has quite a few that meet that criteria...

The building of a Pelican Sport continues
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Construction d'un Pélican (5 mai 2001) (cliquer ici pour la version française)

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