Le Pelican de Luc Couillard et Christian Godin
Building a Pelican (July 17 th 2000, part 4)

July 17th 2000 (part4)

Week 3 of our follow-up of the building of a Pélican Sport from Ultravia Aero International Inc.

Pictures shown this week are loaded on 4 pages : page 3 regarding the fuselage, page 3 a for miscellaneous parts, page 3 b for the wings and this page for the tail assembly.

Pelican Usine

 Pelican Usine

Here's a look at what the tail assembly will look like when finished.


On this side, rivets are in place to hold the metal sheating of the fin.


On the other side, the sheating is held in place by Clecoes.

 Derive ouverte

Derive ouverte 

Here Christian and Luc have agreed to remove the Clecoes in order to show you the interior structure of the fin. This is exactly what they have done during the inspection visit. This inspection have been completed with success, they can now move on closing these parts.

Gouverne de profondeur

Stabilisateur horizontal

 A view of the horizontal stabilizers and of one of the elevators during assembly in June.

Stabilisateurs et gouvernes de profondeur

Stabilisateurs et gouvernes de profondeur

Horizontal stabilizers and elevators in position to one another. In the picture on the right and in the picture below, you can see the "servo & trim tab" on the trailing edge of the left elevator.

Christian with elevator

  This week's Secret of the Trade.  

Pince et Cleco

You have seen this device on many pictures. It's a Cleco (pronounced Cleeco since these seem to be a derivative of Cleveland Company) (note that some manufacturers call them Cleko).

These fasteners are put in place and pulled out with "Cleco plyers". Clecoes are made with a metal cylinder in which a mecanism is inserted that expands when the plyers are released. Thus, they hold firmly together two sheats of metal. This temporary fastener facilitates manipulation of the parts and the installation of rivets.

The building of a Pelican Sport continues (click here for July 24th page)

Construction d'un Pélican (17 juillet 2000, suite 3) (cliquer ici pour la version française)

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