Building a Pelican (July 2nd 2000)

July 2nd 2000

I've been looking at that opened garage for a few weeks now.

There's sanding and polishing and sanding and polishing...

 Luc & Christian

an objet which looks vaguely familiar even if it is upside down.

My wife tells me :"Go meet him. Anyway you"re dying to do so!"

Well it's done.

My neighbour's name is Luc. With his partner Christian, he is patiently assembling a kit airplane : a Pelican Sport made by Ultravia Aero International Inc.

First flight is scheduled for 2001. This gives us time to follow the evolution of their work.

And, with their permission, come back often to see how work is coming along.

Cheers! The adventure begins.

 26 mars 2000

March 26th 2000

The plane was delivered on a 49/51 building ratio. 49% of the assembly work has been done at Ultravia in Gatineau. 51% is to be done by the owners.

It took two trucks to deliver the different parts and... two garages to store them and serve as work shops.

Wings are in Christian's workshop, the body and other parts at Luc's place.

 April 2nd 2000

This is Christian's workshop (left on the pictures with Luc) . On the lower right corner of the picture you can see part of the wing structure.
2 avril 2000

 2 avril 2000
2 avril 2000

 What did you say this part went with ?

 1er avril 2000

Here we see Luc's workshop with different parts waiting for a finishing touch..
2 juillet 2000

 2 juillet 2000
Luc with a picture of what the Pelican Sport will look like. 
2 juillet 2000

 2 juillet 2000
2 juillet 2000

Lots of surface sanding and polishing. On the front end, you can still see the joint between the left and rigth parts of the fuselage.

 2 juillet 2000

Here we see the future interior of the cockpit. (upside down for now...)

 2 juillet 2000

 This week's Secret of the Trade.

To avoid the inside of steel parts from rusting, linseed oil is warmed then poured into the opening.

After 24 hours, the plug is removed on the bottom of the part, and the oil is drained.

The oil residu which remains on the inside surface is a good corrosion protector.

The Pelican Sport 600 is featured in the Kitplanes magazineAugust 2000 flight report entitled "Graduating with Honors - The Pelican Sport 600 earns high marks"

The building of a Pelican Sport continues (click here for July 9th page)

Construction d'un Pélican (2 juillet 2000) (cliquer ici pour la version française)

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