Le Pelican de Luc Couillard et Christian Godin
Building a Pelican

Follow-up of the building of a Pelican Sport from Ultravia Aero International Inc.

A few statistics on this section of my web site

June 23rd 2001

The follow-up of the building of Luc Couillard et de Christian Godin's Pelican Sport is almost complete. Just to satisfy my curiosity, here are a few statistics on it's construction.

51 weeks

51 weeks of follow-up

780 pictures

780 pictures can be seen in this section on the Pelican. Pictures to take, have processed, digitalize, adjust, touch-up or resize and save.

207 pages

207 pages on screen. Considering that most are either in French ou English, it gives you more than 100 pages to view in one language or the other...

571 elements (pages or frames)

Most of these pages use frames (3 per screen page), that makes 571 HTML elements to manage.

Hours and hours of fun

Hard to say how many hours. When I don't work I don't punch! But give 3 hours for picture manipulation each week, another 3 hours for the French version of the pages, The same for the English translation and orthographic checking plus a few other touch-ups... 10 hours per week times 51 would probably come close. And I am far far behind what Luc and Christian have put on their plane!

Thanks a million!!!

A few comments in emails from visitors and loads of fun with Luc, Christian, Jean-Luc Arsenault, Jean-Claude Pasquet and all the others whose name I forgot and who made this section of my site a wonderful adventure. To all thank you very much!

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